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Nick Clegg Ends Up As Model In Bizarre Us Airport Poster


Mar 17, 2017


He was once the deputy prime minister and is a household name in the UK, but it seems Nick Clegg has failed to make much of an impression on America.

A picture of the former Lib Dem leader has turned up on a poster at a US airport after designers used what they thought was a stock image of a model.

The sign at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, advertises maintenance work in a terminal and shows Mr. Clegg as an anonymous passenger apparently speaking to a woman under the headline: "Upgrades on the horizon".

It was spotted by British film director Garth Jennings, who tweeted: "Note to Las Vegas airport. Are you aware you've used Nick Clegg on your maintenance posters?"

A spokeswoman for the airport told Sky News the image has "been up for months - closer to a year".

She said: "The picture was taken from an architecture firm, a rendering of what they have put together.

"That was then used by our graphic design team - to us it's just clip art."

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg meets with US Vice President Joe Biden (right) at the White House, Washington, United States, where they had lunch together.  23-Sep-2010

The spokeswoman added: "The resemblance may be uncanny, but it has not been confirmed."

However, the Lib Dems appear to have no doubts. The party's press office jokingly tweeted: "Royalties?”

A spokeswoman for the party added: "Nick is delighted to be the bearer of good news, for once!"

It is not the first time a picture of a British politician has been used in bizarre circumstances in the US.

In December, an image of former Labor leader Ed Miliband blowing his nose was used by TV channel NBC to illustrate a feature about cold and flu season.

The poster advertises 'upgrades on the horizon'



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