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"beaten For Hours, Suffered 2 Concussions, Br​oken Eye Socket, Teeth Knocked Out" Domestic Violence Survivor Tells Her Story


Jan 12, 2017


A young woman named Marea Cache yesterday took to her Instagram page to narrate her domestic violence experience. Read her story below: 

"A year ago Today My life was Almost taken from me ! This wouldn't have been the first traumatic situation I've been through but by far the worst Because My actual life was up for question I was beat on for HOURS , Suffered 2 concussions! A broken eye socket teeth knocked out ! And  pistol whipped 2015/2016 Brought me to my lowest point in life !
I completely gave up on myself and let a Relationship dictate my whole life Separating me from friends and family ! I was trapped dealing with EVERYTHING by myself ! Not letting anyone know what was going on because of the fear that I had over my life. &a the fear of judgement from others . Every moment I got to leave (escape )) I got caught and beat Everyday I woke up I was mentally abused , arguments fight after fight ! It was so draining ! But GOD ! GOD works in mysterious ways ... it took me a while but I faced it . Had god not allowed my eyes to be open to this point I would have probably eventually been dead .it wouldn't have took another beating because a gun could have been next, one shot and I could have been gone It has happened and I'm so thankful for his grace and mercy upon me ! I mean look at me look at his healing power look at the growth he has put in me ! The strength! I'm still able to Love I'm still able to Hold my head High !! I love me Again I'm the most confident I've ever been Im in such a peaceful state of mind !  
And I'm using my talents and gifts that the lord has blessed me with ! And I'm choosing to be one of the voices for millions of women around the world facing the same situation who might not be as strong as me ! I'm here to let them know you can get help you can speak up SOMEONE does care ! You do matter And you can And will get THROUGH ! Keep god first and anything is possible ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thankyou lord #2017 thankful for LIFE ❤️ &New beginnings.


Source: lindaikejisblog


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