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Fgn Asks States To Relocate Markets On Highways


Feb 19, 2017


Aminu Nabegu, permanent secretary special services, office of secretary to the government of the federation, has appealed to state governments to relocate markets on highways.

Nabegu made the appeal on Friday when he visited Gombe state for a two-day quarterly federal and states administrators meeting.

He said market along highways were at risk, and need to be relocated.

“One of the issues in our meeting is having market’s near highways which is a serious security concerns,” he said.

“We emphasise to states to as much as possible try to relocate those markets that are so close to highways to safer places for security reasons.”

He also expressed his displeasure on how communities were erecting road blocks and speed breakers on major highways in the country.

Nabegu said the meeting would enable the members from 36 states to learn security issues and how to tackle insecurity in their states.

He also said at the end of the meeting they would come up with a communiqué on difficult topical issues and how to address them.



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