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“it Was A Stupid Joke And I Deeply Regret It” — Nigerian Lady Who Put Weed Inside A Young Boy’s Food Says


Feb 23, 2017


Facebook user, Jennifer Belle Aise earlier on took to her Facebook to reveal that she put weed in the food of a young boy.

Apparently, after she posted the video of the drowsy young boy with the caption: “He didn’t greet me this morning So I decided to add some weed on his beans. Am I a wicked aunt??..”, she went viral on Social Media this morning.

Jennifer has come out to state categorically that it was a joke.. She described the joke as “A stupid one, which she deeply regrets”.

She shared photos with the boy and wrote:


I know my attention has been drawn to an online news circulating about my last video I posted yesterday…
I want to state clearly that it was a total joke which I deeply regret…..

I just wanted to be funny n make a joke out of the little boy while he was dozing….

The truth is that I have never touch or smoke weed in my entire life not to talk of drugging my little boy with weed.

I repeat IT WAS A JOKE but a stupid one
I regret my action or post and I take responsibility fr the backlash such mistake will never happen again…

After eaten his food he started feeling dizzy and he was really funny so I decided to take a video of him
Believe me he is my little brother and I can do such stupid act, I heart him soo much
Hope you all believe after reading this that it was a joke….




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