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Kenyans Complained Of No Pay For Doctors But The Parliament


Jan 27, 2017


The People of Kenya and soem Doctors have decried that the Kenya Payment is harsh as Doctors have not being paid for 11months even after working tiredlessly, yet the MPs (LawMakers) are Paid whooping sum of KSh 11 million each.

even when there is lamenting that there is no money in the country to pay doctors,yet the KSH11Million is tagged a small gift which each of them will recieve respectively, they said this is in addition to the salaries, each MP is to home as gratuity for service once their service expires in June.

They further decried that, this money will come from the taxpayers coffers and will pay the lawmakers for July and August after parliament is dissolved in June.

This is despite the fact that the National assembly has only passed 151 bills in comparison to the 10th parliament which passed 256 bills before January 2013.

The Kenyan taxpayer will pay 416 members of the national assembly and the senate a sum of KSh 461.1 million as they campaign across the country since they will be out of the office.

In further statements they said The MP's will only work for 45 days between January 2017 and June 2016 since they only work 3 days a week.

Source: kenyatimes


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