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Soldiers Launches First Strikes At Yahya Jammeh’s Men After Barrow’s Swearing In.


Jan 20, 2017


West African troops have crossed the border into the Gambia as part of regional efforts to support the democratically elected president in a his lingering showdown with his predecessor, Yahya Jammeh and General Ndaiye had siad, Troops are already in Gambia if we find any resistance we will fight it.

After 22 years in power, Jammeh has until noon local time to cede power to Adama Barrow, winner of the Dec. 1 elections. Barrow was inaugurated as the new Gambian president in a makeshift ceremony at the country’s embassy in Dakar, Senegal yesterday (Jan 19.) given Jammeh’s refusal to vacate office.

Following Barrow’s inauguration, troops deployed by the Economic Community of West African Countries (ECOWAS) entered Gambia, and reportedly encountered no resistance. In a bid to allow for a last shot at reaching a peaceful, diplomatic solution, ECOWAS’ military action has been temporarily suspended until noon.

Final talks with Jammeh are expected to be led by Alpha Conde, president of Guinea. But should those talks fail, like previous talks with ECOWAS leaders have, Marcel Alain de Souza, chairman of the ECOWAS commission says the regional bloc’s troops will continue their advance with the goal of forcing Jammeh out of power and installing new Barrow who has remained in Senegal waiting for the impasse to be resolved.

“If by midday, [Yahya Jammeh] doesn’t agree to leave the Gambia under the banner of President Conde, we really will intervene militarily,” de Souza said.

Mr Jammeh has been given until 12 noon on Friday to leave office or be forced out by un-backed regional military.

Jammeh has sought to stay in power by filing an election petition with Gambia’s highest court claiming anomalies and errors in the results of the December elections.

West African leaders have given Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh, what they say, is a final opportunity to cede power after Senegalese troops entered the Gambia.

It has been reported that the Senegalese troops have reportedly entered The Gambia in protection of the just sworn-in Adama Barrow as the president of the country

The soldiers have also launched strikes against Gambia in a move to force out the sit-tight Yahya Jammeh, who has refused to vacate the presidential seat after 22 years in office.

The African Union and the ECOWAS earlier mobilized to force Jammeh out of office in the face of heightened tension.

The BBC also reported that Barrow has called on soldiers of the country to show their loyalty to him to ensure a peaceful transition of power.

He said this as he took an oath of office in neighboring Senegal.

The United Nations (UN) Security Council also voted on Thursday, January 19, unanimously backed the Economic Community of West African States’ (ECOWAS) efforts to force the incumbent Gambia leader to hand over power


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