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Usa Couple Poisoned By Brother In Liberia


Jan 03, 2017


Wonders would never end, as a couple returning home from the USA to Liberia for the Christmas and new years celebrations are finally dead. 

According a Facebook source, Aremo Oriola, this couple have been sending money to the brother who was residing back in Liberia. Most of the money sent by the couples who worked and lived in Minnesota, USA was supposedly sent to this brother to help the couple build their house back in Liberia.

On return home for the Christmas celebration, the brother who was identified as a relative to the husband, cooked food as is normal of many African traditions during the Christmas and new years festivity,and sent the poisoned food to the couple.

"The couples who ate the food were later found dead with foaming substance coming out from their mouths," recounted Aremo Oriola who confirmed this story on his Facebook page.

By Jolly Egbon

EchoAfrik News USA.




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