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New Prices Of Cooking Gas Alarms Citizens.


Jan 11, 2017


Since recession has become a household term in Nigeria, a lot of things have been affected by the economic situation. The exchange rate has made things wore as the prices of goods have doubled and tripled in some cases.

With the recent hike in the prices of food and other material things, the inflation has extended to the increased prices of kerosene and cooking gas. It is highly disturbing that Nigerians are being pushed to the walls with the increased prices of commodities that are necessities.

The increased price of cooking gas has sparked series of controversies in the society as Nigerians have condemned this hike. Most people feel like this is a deliberate act to make people die of hunger as the wages and salaries of people have not been increased.

Check out the new prices of cooking gas:

1. 1kg of gas

The new price is N500, it was sold N400 before.

2. 3kg of gas

The new price is N1,000, it was being sold N700 before.

3. 5kg of gas

The new price is N2,000 as compared to the N1,700 it was sold for before.

4. 6kg of gas

The new price is N2,300, it was sold N1,900 before.

5. 12.5kg of gas

The new price is N4,500. This size was sold for N3,200 in the past.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has blamed oil marketers for the scarcity of kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas that is known as cooking gas. As it is, the price of every product in the country has been increased.



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